"Thank you, Dan… You’ve saved me endless amounts of time… I’ve been very please with all of your work thus far, and will recommend you to colleagues. Thank you again."

Stacy Gambrel, Lands Projects, Maine Farmland Trust

"Thank you so much for the site plan documents. We were extremely happy with the thoroughness of the project. (It’s really pretty, too; like art!)"

Dr. Ron Seekins, DDS

"Thank you to you and your staff for putting together the great survey and finished package! Everything looks to be in order and very professional looking. Nice presentation and eye for detail. I’m very Pleased!"

John Pratte, Wildlife Management Section Supervisor
Land for Maine’s Future Program

"I am consistently impressed with Mr. Yarumian’s survey work. We worked with him a few years ago on the Sawyer Mt. Highlands project. Those surveys were superb – in fact, almost too much detail! There were a lot of complications and he was excellent to work with. That project was on his home turf and he did a lot of the work as a volunteer. It was good to see his work again!"

John Pratte, Wildlife Management Section Supervisor
Land for Maine’s Future Program

"Thank you Butch for a wonderful job. Let me confess, expectations of our neighbor’s reactions prompted me to think ‘I am the first person he’ll need to convince’. Well you have done so, splendidly I may add. I have read through the entire chain of all four deeds, I have devoured the survey map (love the deed wording running along the boundaries) and am unequivocally convinced. Your incredibly high degree of professionalism has been apparent throughout this entire process, and has been quite comforting in the face of threatened litigation… We are looking forward to seeing our final monuments. Thanks again!"

Amy J. Lomasney, Wells Beach, Maine

"Dear Butch, The Board of Selectmen would like to thank you for the gift of the Surveyed Map of Buxton. Your surveyed map is appreciated and certainly clarifies the lines with our neighboring towns. It was a nice surprise – and we all thank you for the time & energy you dedicated to this project. "

Dianne Senechal, Chair, Town of Buxton Board of Selectmen

"We have received the final Boundary Survey Maps for the property at 45 Cole Hill Road. Gail and I would like to thank you for the services that you supplied us. All through this process we have been extremely impressed with the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of your service. We are so impressed that we would like to frame a full size print of the Boundary Survey Map for the wall of our new log home which will be built on this property... We will also highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a survey. Thank you for such a great job!"

Don Winchell (Standish)

"Thank you for the professionalism you showed all the way through the project. This is the most professional survey I have ever had done for me and everything was perfect."

Bob Runnells (Saco)

"Just want to thank you for all the work involved in getting our survey done. It seems to have worked out well for everyone and now our bounds are finally settled. We appreciate the thoroughness of your work on the plan and in the process. Glad it worked out so well - for now and in the future."

Fred Farnham & Debra Holloway (Buxton)

"Clarity and detail of the work is very much appreciated. Thanks!"

Dan Hester (Hiram)

"Many thanks for your fine service on our property at the Pond. The lot description is fine, the map is in detail that is easy to see and understand. We are very pleased with the job and we thank you for it... Again our thanks for a job well done."

Don Williams (Square Pond, Shapleigh)

"I am writing a note for Bob, to let you know how very pleased we both are with the work you have done for us. A lot of questions have finally been answered and the detail on the report is outstanding. Thank you from both of us for your hard work."

JoAnn & Robert Godfrey (Fortune’s Rocks, Biddeford)

"Many, many thanks for the outstanding survey work. It and your time are greatly appreciated... I’ll also call on your expertise to help with my neighbor where we have a disputed line."

Richard Brooks (Wauwatosa, WI)

"I have been working with Mr. Yarumian in analyzing complex boundary, easement, and other real estate disputes for close to 20 years. Given the choice, I would use Mr. Yarumian before I would consult any other surveyor. Mr. Yarumian’s skills in traditional surveying and research into record title render his results 100% accurate, 100% of the time. His superlative drafting skills render his surveys works of art; I know of one client who framed the survey Mr. Yarumian performed for him. However, Mr. Yarumian outdoes himself in the forensic aspects of boundary disputes, such as uncovering evidence supporting non-record title claims through adverse possession, acquiescence, and similar doctrines. I also know of no surveyor who comes close to matching Mr. Yarumian’s persuasiveness as an expert witness. Mr. Yarumian speaks calmly and clearly, is respectful but effective in educating the judge, and is unflappable on cross-examination. He exudes credibility. What more could you want?"

John C. Bannon, Attorney MURRAY PLUMB & MURRAY, (Portland)

"I have known Robert Yarumian for over 25 years and have always found his survey work and personal integrity to be of the highest standard. Throughout the years, Maine Boundary Consultants has provided top quality professional services and it is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Yarumian and his staff. I highly recommend them!"

Paul Howe, Owner/Broker, Cote & Howe Realty (Cornish)

"Robert Yarumian and I were expert witnesses on opposite side of a boundary dispute - so we obviously had different opinions. However, when asked under oath what I thought of Mr. Yarumian and his work, it was a pleasure to state that he is one of the most competent, meticulous, thorough, and knowledgeable surveyors I know.
I think Mr. Yarumian is probably one of the finest surveyors in this State without question. He does meticulous work. His work is detailed. He is a good experienced surveyor."

Knud E. Hermansen, P.L.S., P.E., Ph.D., Esq. ( Professor UMO )
(while on the witness stand of an opposing court case. )

"I find and conclude that Mr. Yarumian’s analysis is more persuasive. I find and conclude by a fair preponderance of the evidence that Mr. Yarumian’s analysis and opinion concerning the location of the disputed boundary is more likely the accurate conclusion."

Hon. G. Arthur Brennan, Justice (York Superior Court Judgment)

"I have been a forester in Southern Maine for the last 33 years. I am constantly in the woods on many of my clients' land and have seen almost every local surveyor’s work. Maine Boundary Consultants performs some of the most accurate and well-researched surveying in Southern Maine. I recommended Maine Boundary Consultants for all my clients surveying needs, and I use them on my property."

Jack Wadsworth, Licensed, Professional Forester, Wadsworth Woodlands (Cornish)

" Thank you for surveying our property. The quality of your work is excellent. I feel much safer with this survey to know exactly what we own."

Everett L. Towle, Licensed Professional Forester (Buxton)

"Thanks Mr. Yarumian, It makes me very comfortable knowing that you surveyed this parcel.
Best regards,"

Mike Day, (The Woodlands, Texas)

"Simply The Best! I have had two different attorney's refer to Maine Boundary Consultants as "One of the top surveying companies in the State". If you want the work done right, the first time, call Maine Boundary Consultants. As a licensed forester and a realtor, I have found the work of Maine Boundary Consultants to be the best in Southwestern Maine. Maine Boundary Consultants is the best surveying company you can hire."

James Moulton, Licensed Professional Forester (Hiram)