Court Appointed Surveyor

Court Cases:

  • Almeder, et al., v. Town of Kennebunkport, et al., RE-09-111
  • Butler v. Schuette, RE-08-035
  • Steinherz v. Wilson, CV-92-195
  • Leonard v. McGarry, CV-99-028
  • Fuller v. Town of Buxton, CV-00-264
  • D’Angelo v. McNutt, CV-01-678
  • Little Ossipee River Dev. LLC v. White Bros. Inc., RE-03-078
  • Yetman, et als. v. Stoneridge Farm, Inc., et als., RE-05-081
  • Mason v. Day, RE-05-163
  • Hope v. Forbes, RE-06-122

Robert A. Yarumian II, Professional Land Surveyor of Maine Boundary Consultants has been appointed by the Courts to perform Boundary Surveys. Usually the parties in the Court Case have agreed to have us perform the survey and the results will be binding by the parties involved. We have been appointed by the Courts as a Commissioner for Partitions to divide property for each party. At times we have been asked by both parties to Survey the property before it gets to Litigation. The Maine Statutes Title 14 M.R.S.A. § 6851, Court may appoint and protect surveyors, states: “The court may appoint a surveyor to run lines and make plans of which title to land is involved.”

If you are involved in a Boundary Dispute it may be worth while to have us appointed by the Court to determine the Boundary in question.