Road, Right of Way & Easement Issues

Road Surveys Projects:

  • Curtis Road, Arundel
  • Spruce Swamp Road, Buxton
  • Sawyer Mountain Road, Limington
  • Town of Buxton Road Research Project
  • Marine Avenue, Camden

Maine Boundary Consultants has the experience in Road, Right of Way and Easement Issues. The increased value of real estate in recent years has made Road, Right of Way and Easement Issues an important topic. Many of the Court Cases we have been involved in are concerning these issues. The location of Right of Ways and the rights to them for access to back lands or water bodies are being questioned and disputed more and more frequently. Certain easements to use someone else's land for certain reasons are ever more important.

Maine Boundary Consultants has been involved in many Surveys and Court Cases concerning Road, Right of Way and Easement Issues. These surveys often deal with a narrow strip of land for a short distance or many miles in length. Maine Boundary Consultants has specialized in helping clients, land owners and or attorneys in sorting out who has what rights and the true location where these rights are applicable. The result is usually a Boundary Survey Map or Maps and or a Written Report.