Expert Witness - Depositions - Court Testimony

I have been working with Mr. Yarumian in analyzing complex boundary, easement, and other real estate disputes for close to 20 years. Given the choice, I would use Mr. Yarumian before I would consult any other surveyor. Mr. Yarumian’s skills in traditional surveying and research into record title render his results 100% accurate, 100% of the time. His superlative drafting skills render his surveys works of art; I know of one client who framed the survey Mr. Yarumian performed for him. However, Mr. Yarumian outdoes himself in the forensic aspects of boundary disputes, such as uncovering evidence supporting non-record title claims through adverse possession, acquiescence, and similar doctrines. I also know of no surveyor who comes close to matching Mr. Yarumian’s persuasiveness as an expert witness. Mr. Yarumian speaks calmly and clearly, is respectful but effective in educating the judge, and is unflappable on cross-examination. He exudes credibility. What more could you want?

John C. Bannon, Attorney

Robert A. Yarumian II, Professional Land Surveyor, of Maine Boundary Consultants has specialized in Boundary Consulting and Expert Witness Services for well over twenty-five years. Mr. Yarumian’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) clearly shows that he is a well qualified Expert Witness. Mr. Yarumian has testified in Court on at least seventeen occasions, perhaps the most out of any Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Maine. He has provided at least fourteen Depositions. Mr. Yarumian has provided Land Surveying Services and Expert Witness designation for well over 60 Court cases. Mr. Yarumian is very successful and experienced in the witness stand in a Court of Law. His main goal is to clearly explain the facts and to educate the presiding Judge.

Robert A. Yarumian II, has held various Professional Appointments and Offices, and has received many state and national awards. Mr. Yarumian has been involved in over 25 Professional Publications, Writings and Lectures such as: Expert Witness for Land Surveyors, Boundary Law in Maine, Maine Water Boundaries, Forensic Reports for Boundary Surveys. See Mr. Yarumian’s CV for a list of these Professional Publications, Writings, and Lectures, along with his many Historical Publications, Writings, Maps, and Lectures, and a list of the Court Cases he has been involved in.

If you are a landowner or an attorney involved in some sort of Real Estate dispute, concerning a boundary line, right of way, access issue, water boundary, or other land right issues, Mr. Yarumian certainly has the knowledge and background to provide Boundary Consulting and Expert Witness Services. Sometimes there may already be a Survey of the property, and/or another Professional Land Surveyor involved, but having Mr. Yarumian as a Consultant can often times shed some light on many important unknown issues. Mr. Yarumian has been asked many times to check over and provide a second opinion on another Professional Land Surveyors work.