Water Boundary Surveys

Publications and Lectures:

  • 2009 Contributing Editor "Buxton" by James D. Libby, Arcadia Publications
  • 2008 Lecture "Expert Witness for Land Surveyors" MSLS Rockland
  • 2003 CoAuthor/Lecture "Boundary Law in Maine" NBI, Portland
  • 1998 Cartographer "1798-1998 Bicentennial Map of Hollis Land Original Rights, Divisions, & land Grants 1667-1809" Town of Hollis
  • 1991 Author/Researcher/Lecture "Maine Water Boundaries" ACSM, Baltimore. Md
  • 1990 Author/Lecture "Forensic Reports for Boundary Surveys" ACSM, Denver, Co.
  • 1984 CoAuthor/Researcher "Madson, on Wyoming Real Property Boundary Law" LSS, Wy.
  • many more (see CV)

Maine Boundary Consultants has specialized in Water Boundary Surveys for many years. In the mid 1980’s Mr. Yarumian did an extensive Legal Research project reading and researching past Court Cases concerning Boundaries. He soon realized that the majority of the Boundary Disputes in these past Court Cases were waterfront properties or properties close to water bodies. Since then Mr. Yarumian has been involved in a number of Professional Publications, Writings, Lectures and Court Case concerning Waterfront Boundaries.

Maine Boundary Consultants has the experience in performing Water Boundary Surveys to determine, the proper waterfront boundary (high water mark or low water mark), sideline boundaries within the inter-tidal zone, and the wharf or riparian rights. Maine Boundary Consultants has also been involved in determining the proper high water mark for setback determination. We also performed Boundary Surveys and Boundary Consulting Services for access or right of way to a water body.

Maine Boundary Consultants has performed Water Boundary Surveys up and down the coast, on islands, and along many rivers, streams, ponds and lakes throughout the State of Maine. The results of a Water Boundary Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey.