Large Farm Homestead Surveys

Simply The Best! I have had two different attorney's refer to Maine Boundary Consultants as "One of the top surveying companies in the State". If you want the work done right, the first time, call Maine Boundary Consultants. As a licensed forester and a realtor, I have found the work of Maine Boundary Consultants to be the best in Southwestern Maine. Maine Boundary Consultants is the best surveying company you can hire.

James Moulton,
Licensed Professional Forester (Hiram)

Maine Boundary Consultants has performed numerous surveys of Large Farm Homesteads. A Large Farm Homestead could be as few as twenty acres, but often times can be hundreds of acres. Large Farm Homesteads are often comprised of numerous parcels acquired over time. Quite often the current deed description of a Large Farm Homestead may contain several parcels, some that may be pertinent to the homestead, and some may not be. Or, numerous current deeds may make up the Large Farm Homestead and the client wants the parcel described in one deed description, for sale, tax purposes, etc.

Maine Boundary Consultants has extensive knowledge and archives of property in southern and western Maine, as well as vast experience in performed these large, complicated surveys.

The process of performing a Large Farm Homestead Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey and a Wood Lot Survey. Extensive deed research and field work is performed.

The results of a Large Farm Homestead Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey, but is often accompanied by a more detailed Report of how the boundary lines were determined. Also, the client often requests other non-boundary mapping, such as fields, pastures, orchards, woods roads, trails, tree lines, interior stonewalls, and other physical features. Our detailed and colored Survey Maps showing many of these features provide our client with a wonderful visual representation of the layout of their property.