Marketing Sketch

I have known Robert Yarumian for over 25 years and have always found his survey work and personal integrity to be of the highest standard. Throughout the years, Maine Boundary Consultants has provided top quality professional services and it is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Yarumian and his staff. I highly recommend them!

Paul Howe, Owner/Broker,
Cote & Howe Realty (Cornish)

Maine Boundary Consultants has prepared a Marketing Sketch map for many clients who have a parcel of land for sale, and would like a professional looking drawing showing the approximate location of the boundary lines for marking purposes only.

Maine Boundary Consultants has the capability of overlaying your property onto an aerial photo and or USGS Quad map. A Marketing Sketch over an aerial photo or USGS Quad map is a valuable asset, especially for owners of large or unique parcels of land. An overlay onto an aerial photo provides a nice visual representation of the vegetative conditions, nearby homes or businesses, as well as the proximity of other physical features such as roads, rivers and lakes, etc. An overlay onto a USGS Quad map can help show the general terrain (contours) of the property, as well as the general location of the property.

A Marketing Sketch is not a Boundary Survey. The boundary lines shown on a Marketing Sketch are generally approximate and are for “marketing purposes only”. A Marketing Sketch is often times prepared based on the results of our Boundary Survey, which could have been performed years earlier. Occasionally, a Marketing Sketch is prepared prior to a Boundary Survey being performed, and once a buyer is found, the client gives us the green light to perform the Boundary Survey.