Plot, Site, & Sketch Plans

Plot Plans, Site Plans, and Sketch Plans

Maine Boundary Consultants has prepared numerous Plot, Site and Sketch Plans. There are many reasons why a person may need a these types of Plans prepared, such as for a proposed addition to an existing dwelling, or for a demolition and new construction. Plot or Site Plans are often required by the city or town as a step in the permitting process, especially in situations where the setback limits are close to the proposed structure. A Sketch Map is similar to a Boundary Survey; however, a Sketch Map is a more simple representation, and may not adhere to the same Standards of Practice mentioned for a Boundary Survey.

A Plot, Site or Sketch Plan often 8½” x 11” in size, may be preferred over a Boundary Survey Map (24”x36”) because a detailed drawing is not necessary, or one may be prepared at a later date. Often times a client will request a these type of Plans when selling a portion of their property, and they just want a visual representation of how the property is configured. A Plan is usually not recorded in the Registry of Deeds.