Waterfront Boundary Surveys

Just want to thank you for all the work involved in getting our survey done. It seems to have worked out well for everyone and now our bounds are finally settled. We appreciate the thoroughness of your work on the plan and in the process. Glad it worked out so well - for now and in the future.

Fred Farnham & Debra Holloway (Buxton)

Maine Boundary Consultants has performed countless Waterfront Boundary Surveys. Our knowledge of the various water boundary statutes, laws and practices is very extensive. Waterfront Boundary Surveys include areas along brooks, rivers, lakes or ponds, tidal lands, etc. At times Waterfront Boundary Surveys are needed to determine a landowner’s boundary or riparian rights beyond the upland or bank into the water body, for mooring, docks, piers, etc.

Each water boundary is defined differently, and quite often your deed will be vague as to the location of the boundary line along your particular water body. For example, a deed may describe a line running “to and along the lake.” Does this mean you own to the water line? Or to the high water line? Or to the low water line? Maine Boundary Consultants can help you determine what you own and don’t own along your particular water body.

The process of performing a Waterfront Boundary Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey, except often more physical features and improvements are shown on the Survey Map. Sometimes the surveyed area is distinguished between “upland”, “lowland”, and or “submerged land”.

The results of a Waterfront Boundary Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey; however it may contain a more detailed Survey Map and Report.