Moderation Center, Buxton, Maine Moderation Center

Robert A. Yarumian II, PLS
Professional Land Surveyor

8 River Road
Buxton, ME 04093

Phone: 207-727-5359
Fax : 207-727-5577


Maine Boundary Consultants is centrally located at 8 River Road, ( Route 112) Buxton, Maine. Our office is located on the second floor of Moderation Center, in the Village of West Buxton, across the street from the bridge and dam which spans the Saco River. Please call for an appointment at 207-727-5359. Usually someone is here during normal business hours. There is door bell at the door right below the sign of “MAINE BOUNDARY CONSULTANTS, Robert A. Yarumian II, PLS Professional Land Surveyor”.

We are located within one hour of five Registry of Deeds. Our location makes it convenient to travel thoughout southern Maine, where most of our work is, however, we have proved and cherish the opportunity to provide Land Surveying Services through out the entire State of Maine. Please give us a call no matter what your location is. We are licensed and ready to provide excellent services State wide, which is why we are called Maine Boundary Consultants.