Forensic Investigations - Surveys and Reports

Boundary Consulting Clients:

  • Attorneys
  • Title Company
  • Plaintiffs
  • Defendants
  • Municipalities
  • Courts

Robert A. Yarumian II, PLS and Maine Boundary Consultants, has provided many Forensic Investigations, Surveys and Reports for Attorneys, clients and landowners. We have the experience to perform Forensic Type Surveys for any type of Boundary Dispute or Land Right Issue. A Forensic Type Survey is a detailed investigation into all available evidence, both physical (on the ground) and written (deeds and maps) concerning the issue at hand. Quite often these Forensic Type Surveys deal with hundreds of pieces of evidence that are collected and used for a Court Case. At times a Forensic Type Investigation is performed when a Boundary Survey has already been completed. A Forensic Type Survey usually will uncover facts that a typical survey would not.

The results of a Forensic Type Survey is a well organized notebook(s) of all documents, a detailed written Report, and a very detailed Boundary Survey Map. Often several Maps are prepared as visual aides. From our experience well prepared clear colorful Boundary Survey Maps, Deed Maps, Historical Owners Maps and Court Exhibits have been extremely helpful in a Court Case. Our experience has proven that a well documented Forensic Type Survey and our Expert Witness services can often prevail in a Court Case.