Locating and Surveying Lost Lands

I find and conclude that Mr. Yarumian’s analysis is more persuasive. I find and conclude by a fair preponderance of the evidence that Mr. Yarumian’s analysis and opinion concerning the location of the disputed boundary is more likely the accurate conclusion.

Hon. G. Arthur Brennan,
Justice (York Superior Court Judgment)

Maine Boundary Consultants has had the experience of Locating and Surveying “Lost Lands”. Here in Maine “Lost Land” is not uncommon. “Lost Land” is land owned by someone, but at the current time it is not known who may own it or where it is on the face of the earth. At times we have had clients that have a deed to a parcel of land, but have no idea where the parcel may be or how much land it comprises. We also have had clients that inherited land from a family member who once owned a large number of parcels. Over time due to certain circumstances certain parcels became lost or forgotten. We have the experience and knowledge of researching, finding and surveying these Lost Lands. Often when the location is discovered, it is found to be located where someone else thinks they own and are paying taxes on it. In these situations we have helped and assisted in resolving the issue.

Also at times we have found and identified a lost boundary. Often there is a landowner who has been aware of a lost or uncertain boundary and they have been told that determining the true boundary location is impossible. After a detailed research investigation and field survey work usually an opinion can be reached on the location of these lost boundaries. However often the results may be in conflict between recorded (written) information and or physical information (monuments). When this occurs we will assist in resolving the issue.