Boundary Line

Boundar Line

Maine Boundary Consultants’ reputation for our attention to detail and ability to clearly and concisely exhibit our findings on a Boundary Survey Map is second to none if you have a single boundary line in question that requires a survey.

We have found over the years that often times clients are only concerned as to the location of one boundary line. This may be the result of an encroachment by an abutter, which can involve a small city lot, as well as a long boundary line (hundreds to thousands of feet) without obvious monumentation or markings. Complications with one boundary line can hamper the sale of the property in question. A Boundary Line Survey by Maine Boundary Consultants can offer you peace of mind in knowing that the location of your once questionable boundary line is now firmly established.

The process of performing a Boundary Line Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey, except the entire property is not surveyed. Other boundary lines, both yours and your neighbors’ may be surveyed, but the emphasis of a Boundary Line Survey is that one boundary line in question.

The results of a Boundary Line Survey are similar to a Boundary Survey. Often our clients request that we set additional monuments (iron rods & caps, granite monuments, etc.) along the boundary line surveyed, or to flag the line with ribbon, and or blaze and paint trees along the line. In this situation, a Legal Description may be drafted as a “Common Boundary Line Agreement” between the two (or more) parties involved, which will then be signed and recorded at the Registry of Deeds.