Wood Lot Surveys

Thank you for surveying our property. The quality of your work is excellent. I feel much safer with this survey to know exactly what we own.

Everett L. Towle
Professional Forester (Buxton)

Maine Boundary Consultants has performed numerous Wood Lot Surveys ranging from ten acres to a hundred acres or more. Quite often the Deed description for a Wood Lot is an abutters description, being the names of the neighboring land owners. Wood Lot Surveys are usually needed to confirm the acreage, to locate and confirm the boundary lines or a corner. A good Wood Lot Survey will increase the value of the property and will insure the location of the boundary lines. A Wood Lot Survey is very helpful before logging activities and or when a property is being sold or purchased.

Our archives of historical records, and other survey records are very helpful when conducting a Wood Lot Survey.

The process of a Wood Lot survey is similar to a Boundary Survey; however often more extensive deed research is required. The results of a Wood Lot survey is similar to a Boundary Survey; however the vast deed information collected is often added to the Boundary Survey Map for reference. Also, if requested, the results of a Wood Lot survey include marking the boundary lines by flagging with ribbon, or blazing and painting trees on or near the boundary line.